Behavioral Perspective Paper

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Behavioral Perspective
This perspective is about human behavior. This behavioral perspective is focus on the individual. This behavior is influenced by the environment and experience. Behaviorist is entirely completely negative psychological factors, the relationships between stimulate and response variable to explain behavior variable. This is because this is look like only one stimulate and response that can be observe. Therefore, only concerned variable stimulating reward or punishment, this is the way only to maintain or inhibit specific behavior. The new behaviorism and cognitive social learning theory is no longer ignore internal processes of the organism, it is concerned about the motivation and cognition research mechanisms, focus on research mediating variables between stimulus and response. Human beings not only through their own behavior to adapt to the environment, you can
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The strength is build confidence.This theory attempts to adjust behaviors by helping people think differently and more positively about the challenges they face, and application of cognitive behavioral theory in a therapy setting can build confidence.
The limitation is learning strategies. One limit to behavioral theories is that people learn in different ways. Recent scholarship suggests that human development is far more complex than once imagined.
There are some causes of depression in behavioural perspective. Feeling helpless, if you are in a situation in which you feel no matter what you do, you get the same unrewarding experiences, you may be more vulnerable to depression. People who feel this way often give up after a while, determining no matter what they do they are powerless to change things for the better. If this is the case, it may be helpful to think about things differently. Bounce the situation off a few friends, and allow yourself to brainstorm all kinds of solutions, even those you couldn’t see yourself
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