Applied Behavior Analysis Paper

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1. Why you chose this particular program/specialization. Cite specific experiences and examples.
2. Your professional career goals as they relate to this specialization.
3. Why you believe this program will assist you in reaching these goals.
4. Why it is important to you to study this discipline in a school that emphasizes cultural awareness, competence, and understanding of diversity (see our Commitment to Diversity Statement). My enthusiasm for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in kids and pre-adults began in the midst of my journey for a graduate degree in teaching. When I graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology, I noticed there were many available instructing positions in teaching. I chose to seek after a graduate
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Child behavior analysis are great spectators, caring, and have a magnificently composed and relational ability; which is the reason, I believe it’s imperative to study this program within a school that underlines cultural awareness, competence, and understanding of diversity. Furthermore, cultural awareness is the establishment of correspondence, and it includes the capacity for being mindful of our communal qualities, convictions, and observations; competence is being equipped or fit for performing an allocated capacity; and comprehension of assorted qualities (diversity) infers understanding that every individual is one of a kind, and perceiving our individual contracts. Besides, what these three words mean, I can conclude that communal mindfulness (cultural awareness), ability/ or skill (competence), and comprehensions of qualities (diversity) are crucial in psychology. Why? A school that is socially mindful is opting to provide students splendid courses with universal and social essentialness. A multicultural fitness instills school therapists with the basic abilities important to set up an affinity with students, their families of a bunch of ethnic and social backgrounds, and go up against expert predispositions and assumptions that may conceivably bring a misdiagnosis. Therefore, cultural awareness, competence, and understanding of diversity are a must for me to study this discipline at school because it helps behavior analysts' endeavor to individuals to carry out individual objectives, decrease enduring, and enhance/ or improve their own fulfillment. In addition, it is a deliberate, information-based way to deal with examining, understanding, and changing human behavior.
On a very basic level, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology will allow me to become a suitable match to a career in mind science through learning
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