Behavioral Psychology And Neuropsychology And The Dimensional Systems Model

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Philosophy of Psychology
Jessica Germany
Freed-Hardeman University Philosophy of Psychology
As an occupational therapist, I hope to use a number of different psychological theories. The main perspective I will use is Behavior Psychology. Most of my therapy techniques will come from Skinner’s theory of operant condition. By using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), I can help modify children’s behavior. The second perspective I will use is Neuropsychology. In treating autistic children, and other people with various disorders, it is important to understand the different brain chemistry that each has. In most circumstances, a part of the brain is affected that inhibits an aspect of the child’s behavior.
Both behavioral psychology and neuropsychology have rich backgrounds. For the purposes of my philosophy of psychology, I will cover operant condition and Skinner’s approach to verbal behavior. I will also look aspects of neuropsychology such as neuroplasticity and the dimensional systems model. I will also look at Sensory Integration theory, which combines a number of different perspectives including behavioral and neuropsychology.
Behavioral Therapy
The father of Behavioral Psychology is Watson. Another iconic psychologist in this aspect is B. F. Skinner. Skinner’s major theory is operant conditioning. Operant behavior is defined as behavior “controlled by its consequences” (Staddon & Cerutti, 2003). Operant behavior also uses reinforcement…
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