Being A Teen Mother Made Me

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In life you may one day be faced with a situation that does not go as planned. Discovering I was going to be a teen mother made me put things into prospective. Moving out of state did not go as I anticipated. In hopes to acquire a place of our own, my boyfriend searched for a better job position than he had. He had applied in many places and heard back from many potential employers. My boyfriend had received an opportunity to get hired for a position that payed well over what he had anticipated. The only problem was that we lived in California and the positon he was offered was in Tennessee. His father lived in Tennessee so he agreed to let us stay with him. When my boyfriend and I found out we were expecting a baby, we were very alarmed, but bursting with joy. Abortion was not an option so we both agreed we were going to have the baby. We were eighteen years old and had been living with his mother and sister. He worked a temporary minimum wage job for a temporary employment agency, and I was in school trying to obtain my GED. In hopes of obtaining a place of our own, my boyfriend searched for a better employment opportunity. He searched and searched applying to many places whether it was in person or online. After a week or so after submitting applications he began to hear back from potential employers. I think he applied to well over thirty places. He went to several job interviews but most of them were temporary, or seasonal. None of them offered health insurance and
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