Being An Fbi Agent, Criminal And A Proficient Street Racer

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All the years of being an FBI agent, criminal and a proficient street racer, I’ve realized that life’s too short to not live it with the people you love. Before anything reckless happens again, I’m buying a beach house in the Turks and Caicos far away from any trouble, hoping that Dom will come and join us. The whole crew went their separate ways, Roman is traveling the world, while Tej and Ramsay settled down in Abu Dhabi. Everything is exactly how they should be. Knowing that Mia is pregnant has astonished me inside and out. The feeling is great, that I’m about to start my own family. But the only thing keeping me back is leaving my old life behind, and growing up. Dom has been my practically my brother since seven years ago and I can’t leave all that behind, I’m just not ready. We’ve been through so much and I’ll admit, I’ll miss all the bullets, the prisons, fighting Braga and Shaw. But from today on, no more fighting, no more racing, no more crimes just continuing the life I haven 't started yet. It’s a bright sunny afternoon, me and Mia had just landed our flight and headed down to our new beach house. Jack loves it, we’re planning on teaching him how to surf and to get his classes because he quite enjoys it. Dom and Letty are flying in after the baby arrives, so me and Mia has nine months all to ourselves. I look out the window and see Mia and Jack playing in the waters together, happily. The thought of street racing came back to my head, I miss it so much. It’s

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