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The Amazing Hands that keep on Giving


Denise Lewis

English 1101

Ms. Crosson

8 September 2009


Thesis: Ben Carson has accomplished many triumphs as a skilled surgeon, humanitarian and author.

I. Ben Carson innovational surgeries: A. The intra-uterine procedure in is used to relieve pressure on the brain. B. He was the first to perform this procedure on a hydrocephalic fetal twin C. Today it is known as the Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt or VP Shunt. II. Developed the Craniofacial Center A. At John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD B. He is the Co- Director of the craniofacial center. C. Ben Carson specializes in craniosynostsis. III. Contributions to Society
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There are also risks during and after surgery such as bleeding and infection. As with any brain surgery, there is a small risk of brain tissue damage, which can result in a neurological deficit. Ben Carson helped develop the craniofacial surgery center at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Also, he is the Co-Director of the Craniofacial Center. Craniofacial surgery is a subspecialty of oral surgery, plastic surgery, and Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) that deals with congenital and acquired deformities of the skull, face and jaws (Gates, Brooks-Higginbotham 2:179-80). The are all kinds of craniofacial disorders and deformities for instance cleft lip, cleft palate, craniofacial skull, ear deformities, facial paralysis, hemi facial, and microsomia. Craniofacial deformities are caused by genetic inheritance, trauma, or disease. When treating craniofacial deformities it requires the expertise of specialized physician from many different areas. It is impossible for any single physician to successfully evaluate and treat all the abnormalities associated with craniofacial patients (“Craniosynostsis”). Ben Carson specializes in craniosynostosis, which is when the bone joints fuse together causing problems with normal brain and skull growth. The skull is divided into segments, and early premature closure of the bone suture fibrous joints may also cause the

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