The Best Choice For The Nominee Of The Republican Party

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The best choice for the nominee of the Republican party for 2016 is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a master of communication. He is the only candidate that can make the United States of America united again. He is a regular citizen rather than a politician. He is the perfect example of what it means to live the American Dream. Dr. Carson is a highly intelligent and accomplished physician who is seen as a breath of fresh air in this world that is full of politics. Lastly, because he is the only nominee that can get America back to what the original founding fathers wanted for the United States of America. Dr. Carson has excellent communication skills. He is a master at public speaking, which happens to be the number one fear of many people but it comes naturally to him. When called upon to talk and answer questions, he is the only candidate that appears to be unrehearsed when the others appear as if they are reading from a script or are very monotone and over-rehearsed. He is so well spoken that everyone understands what he is saying and they all walk away with the same thoughts rather than different interpretations. He is the only candidate that can explain government business using terms that anyone can understand. Anthony Zurcher, a US politics reporter with BBC News, says “It’s Mr. Carson’s particular gift that he can deliver lines like these in the calm voice of a physician informing his patient that the situation is dire, but that a cure is possible” (Zurcher) which clearly

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