Benchmarking Process Implementation Of Measuring Products, Services And / Or Practices Against Competition

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A continuous process of measuring products, services and/or practices against the competition in order to find and implement the best practices. Benchmarking process measures the organization’s internal processes by identifying, understanding and adapting to outstanding practices from other organizations which are similar and considered having best quality performance.
Based on the data collected from Amerinet, a healthcare solutions organization and one of the biggest healthcare group purchasing organizations in US; organizations that perform benchmarking process have created a competitive environment by promoting improvement and growth, decreased financial burden by 3% along with enhanced caseload by 10% and most
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There are four broadly classified performance indications and priorities which are measured, monitored and analyzed that are:
a. Hospital Performance Improvement Priorities (Sepsis Bundle Compliance, Hospital-Acquired Infections, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Patient Identification, Pain Management, etc.)
b. Medical staff-hospital wide improvement activities (Medication management oversight, Medical record review, Quality management system, etc.)
c. Medical staff performance-specific indicators (Prescribing of medications, surgical case review, Readmissions, Appropriateness of care, etc.)
d. Indicators per regulatory and accreditation requirements (Threats to patient safety, Medication therapy/medication use, Operative and invasive procedures, Unanticipated deaths, Infection prevention and control system, Customer satisfaction, etc.)

Measuring, monitoring and analysis:
Houston Methodist Hospital organizational monitoring and performance measures will be aligned with regulatory standards and best practices, through the benchmarking from external databases including physicians, nursing, and researchers. These initiatives are based on Houston Methodist Second Century Vision and commitment to leading medicine.
The following processes is utilized to

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