Federal Qualified Public Health Clinic

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Background Statement: Federal Qualified Public Health Clinic (FQPH) is experiencing an organizational break down. Many of FQPH patients are recipients of Medicaid and SCHIP, or uninsured self-pay clients as it is located in a large Northwestern City. The physicians are frustrated with current conditions. As a last-ditch effort, they inform Administrator of their complaints that need immediate attention or they will terminate employment. Those complaints include inadequate paper medical records; inefficient patient registration practices; mean and slow employees; mistreatment of patients and medical staff; inadequate staff; disorganization of medical supplies and medications; untimely lab results; unclean facility; and unsafe parking.…show more content…
Medical records are not electronic, but paper, which causes them to become lost or misfiled. Physicians need readily access to patient records so they can treat patients effectively. The secondary issues are lack of clearly defined roles. The physicians’ primary role is to provide patient care; however, the physicians are performing administrative duties such as scheduling clinic coverage and maintaining adequate medical supplies in examination rooms. Such task should be assigned to administrative assistants. Undefined employee roles create problems because some tasks remain unfinished. Another secondary issue is the weakened employee expectations and employee performance, which adversely affects good patient care as well. The person in charge of patient registration is unprofessional to staff and patients. The facility is not clean because maintenance is slow in performing assigned duties. The parking is unsafe and unattended. The staff lacks the motivation to perform well. Your Role As administrator of the clinic, I oversee the daily operations of the clinic. The advantage of being the administrator is that I can implement the necessary changes. The disadvantage of being the administrator is that the burden falls on me to ensure the organizational structure is solid and functional from lower level to upper level positions. Often administrators cannot to be the eyes on the floor
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