Benefits Of A Career Path For Nursing

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The United States is in a shortage of nurses and the demand for them will be greater after 2010. One reason that there’s a shortage is the “love” and “hate” relationship that many nurses have towards their job. The demand and difficulties raising wages also put a barrier of the nurses who are willing to “graduate for those wages.” Other reasons why there is a decline in nursing is the different job options and the required schooling time (Howard, Berliner, & Ginzberg, 2002). This research paper will take a closer look at the required schooling time for nurse midwives and the work environment it is associated with. Based on prior requirements at least one year of midwifery experience is required for entry and two to five years experience for employer some key skills of career requires critical thinking, communication and leadership skills as well as detailed oriented, resourcefulness, and compassion (How to Become a Registered Nurse Midwife, n.d.). Choosing a career path in nursing can have it’s benefits and its cost like stress, anxiety, and a demanding workload. Keywords: requirements, experience Discovery For this research paper I will be writing about my major, which is pre-nursing. Pre nursing is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and is something that I’m really passionate about because it 's been something that I have always found intriguing and interesting since I was young. It turned into a passion when I was in high school because that was

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