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From a very early age I have had a passion and drive to help people. I was first inspired to go in to a nursing career by my grandmother who would tell me stories about her experiences as a midwife. One that stood out to me was when she travelled through a snowstorm to deliver a baby, and it is this level of commitment, care and compassion that I aspire to have. I have also found inspiration from my mum who is an ICU nurse and has always shared her experience and advice with me. This has been something that has resonated with me throughout my life and has always served as an inspiration.

I have always enjoyed working with children, which is shown through my current job as a swimming teacher and my volunteer work. My chosen pathway is …show more content…

After observing during work placements in hospital settings how to deal with challenging behaviour I feel I already have the foundations of the skills needed to work with distressed family members.

I worked as a Poolside Assistant for Water Lilies Swimming School for over a year and have recently completed my STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching, alongside the STA Level 2 Safety Award for Teachers and Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Certificate. I currently teach classes of up to 4 children from age 3-13; through this I have developed my confidence working with children, have increased my organisational skills through lesson planning and learnt valuable skills in communication with different children. I feel that the skills I have gained in helping a nervous child to feel at ease in the water will be very transferable to the skills needed to help a child feel comfortable in hospital.

I believe that I possess the qualities in accordance with the NHS 6C’s; Compassion, Commitment, Competence, Care, Courage and Communication. I am very committed to my current job and have learnt how to balance this with both my college work and hobbies. Caring for the individuals in a care home on my current work placement has been something I have found very rewarding. I have high levels of compassion in my

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