Benefits Of A Gap Year

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Suppose you have a friend who decides to take a gap year before going to college. That friend becomes exposed to many opportunities that you do not have access to. Meanwhile, you decide to not take a gap year and continue your education by attending a college or university. Although you are not exposed to the same opportunities as your friend, you are still gaining a solid education. Not to mention that you are more likely to graduate before your friend to get your career started. Taking a gap year in America is a personal choice. Adopting the customs of British education of taking a gap year is more of an individual choice rather than a systematic choice. Colleges in America should not force students to take gap years but support students…show more content…
To go to another country for a long trip means you will learn the local politics, cultures and customs. Maybe these are different from your own country, but it helps you broaden your horizons, learn more knowledge, develop your sense of inclusion of cultural differences, and lets you stand on various cultural positions of thinking. It helps you know the social life deeply. Even if you are an introvert, you still can find new friends in another country. When you step on the trip, you are ready for lots of challenges and you will need people 's help, then slowly you will become friends. Being a volunteer helps you learn more social skills and show your kindness. You will find how great your heart is! Remember it is not only a physical traveling, but also a trip of soul. Other people will take gap years to consider whether they want to go to colleges, and focus on their directions of careers. Some of them choose to be company interns in order to developing working experiences and knowing themselves whether they adapt and love their future careers. This helps them to choose correct major courses or choose to give up the opportunities for colleges and remain in their jobs. Though the Gap Year Statistics of Year Out Group, 60% students who took a gap year said a gap year helped them decide what subject to study at university. People also stay at home to focus on their
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