Class Dismisseed Analysis

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In Walter Kirn’s essay, Class Dismissed, he argues on the point that he believes senior year is “not an indulgence but an which [seniors] crave tradition. [For some] it amounts to a fidgety waiting period that practically begs for descents into debauchery and concludes in a big dumb party under a mirror ball that spins in place like the minds of those beneath it.” He goes further into bringing up the economic benefits and how it was a way to “shave off millions from the cash-strapped state’s expense sheet.” In some ways, yes, senior year could be considered a waste of time and be better off non-existent. Although, I do not believe that you should spend what would be your senior year in high school, in freshman year of college.…show more content…
In some instances students have been accepted to a college after that same college denied them the first time. By using your year wisely and finding internships or volunteering in your area of study you will go into college with more experience and be able to learn more hands on work before you crack open the books. College Confidential asks students “will you make your college plans before your year off or during it?” Sally Rubenstone goes on to explain that experiencing the area of study you want may lead you to the conclusion that maybe you really don't like this line of work at all and spend the rest of the year looking into what really interests you.

My hairdresser had this friend she went to college with and all she wanted to do was colour hair. She went through many years of beauty school and countless hours of practicing and finally was able to colour hair. When she finished her first client she immediately hated it and went back to college to get a degree in something else because she realized that she utterly hated colouring hair even though it was what she wanted to do her whole life. Taking a gap year will help you make a smart decision in what you want to do the rest of your life. In such a sense I would say that getting rid of senior year and replacing it with a gap year or for lack of better terms an ‘experience year,’ would help out a lot of students in finding a study
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