Benefits Of A Healthy Meal

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When I was a little girl, I swore that I was going to be a princess. Every night, at dinner I would sit at the table with my Cinderella costume to a typical American meal. My family wasn’t fat from our greasy meals, we were just unhealthy. I think what first made me consider to change my unrealistic dream was the day my mother decided to make a change for the family. I, of course was not all that pleased to sit down to a plate full of veggies, but our family life was transforming. My mother started to lose considerable amount of weight, and I was more active. I was beginning to not mind the vegetables when I found myself reaping the benefits of a healthy meal. Looking into about a decade later I was starting to take note of my mental and…show more content…
Even though I have certainty in the field I want, I still don’t have a clear vision on what specific dietetic department I would like to pursue, since there is a long chain of options that comes with this degree. Hopefully when I enter into the internship program it will aid me in deciding the department I want to be in. While this plan of mine is ideal, there is always the possibility that I will change my mind. In the meantime, I realize this profession becomes unappealing because of the work that is required. However, it has somehow caught my attentions, and moved my heart. Out of every other field out there, dietetics enchanted me, I really wanted to learn as much as I could to let others have a happy and healthy life. Before I started researching, I really did not understand the concept of being a dietitian, except that they had some part in nutrition. While I didn’t have a particular interest in learning about the documents professionals come across in their daily lives, I thought it would still be vital information. Something I was curious to find out is how colossal are the differences between being a student and a professional. I also wanted to learn the difficulties professionals might have working in this field. Another question I had tugging at my curiosity was what opportunities would accompany this degree? Of course, I had what must’ve been a thousand more questions swishing around my brain. Frankly I was slightly
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