Nutrition Personal Statement

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When I started my college journey I wasn’t sure how, but I knew I wanted to help people. After completing a nutrition course and I was amazed by the impact that nutrition has on the human body. It was then when I decided to pursue a career in Dietetics, I wanted mycareer to be applicable to my personal life. because I wanted to study something that would be applicable to my daily life. My family has struggled with Hypertension and Diabetes for a number of years, which also motivates me to learn about disease prevention through nutrition. I am passionate about nutrition and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing through a healthy well balanced diet. I enjoy being exposed to new things that can expand my knowledge (move to a…show more content…
While preparing for my career, While searching for opportunities I took initiative and worked with professionals, children, and peers. Specific experiences that are beneficial are working with OSU Extension Services, URAP, and with Salem Health. While volunteering at OSU Extension Services I learned a lot about nutrition outreach. I helped at the local food bank, assisted in nutrition classes for both adults and children, and helped at an elementary school. The opportunity to work for Extension as the instructor for the Spanish nutrition class arised, I am learning a lot and it has helped my public speaking skills and confidence. I learned about what it feels like to be a professional and have those responsibilities. In addition, working as the URAP Scholar is giving me research experience related to nutrition. I’m getting to be part of a team and collaborate with OSU Dietetic Interns in their research. Working as a nutrition services associate at Salem Health is also a wonderful opportunity that allows me to be around the dietetic field. There, I learn about diets while working with also having patient interactions. Throughout my experiences I gained teamwork experience, problem solving skills, and improved my time
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