Benefits Of A New Fitness

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As 2015 comes around the corner, many of new years resolutions have been set and starting to be accomplished. The number one new years resolution is to take on your fitness goals by eating healthier, getting to the gym more often, and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Once this new years resolution has been set then its time to execute this plan to make it happen. What better way to get started to invest in a new fitness band to help you achieve your goals. Microsoft has released a new product just before the New Year called the Microsoft Band. This product has everything and anything you can think of to attain your new goals to get you to that healthy lifestyle you have been dreaming of. Microsoft has made a product that has really made an impact on the fitness world and their marketing strategies have enticed many of consumers. They have produced a band that has shown customers how serious they are on improving their company’s health aspect and ready to produce to satisfy their consumers. Microsoft just might be the next big thing in the fitness world.
“Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential” (Microsoft). Bill Gates and Paul Allen developed Microsoft in 1975 not realizing how successful this company would become to what it is today. Current profits are “$23,201” million dollars and the current sales are “$4540” million dollars (Microsoft). Microsoft has four
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