Microsoft Is The Nasdaq Market

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Microsoft, a key figure in the technology industry, presents many key products and services that help the technology industry grow to where it has gotten. Microsoft is a corporation that is the NASDAQ market. The company provides products and services in the technology industry. The products highlighted for the 2015 fiscal year for Microsoft were the Surface family, Microsoft Office 365, and Xbox console to name a few. Microsoft has a retail sector that have both online and in store locations, with addition to business to business commerce. In the SEC 10-K analysis for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2015, Microsoft includes key financial features to include nonmanufacturing (selling and administrative expenses) to go along with the…show more content…
The percentage change is 7.8% increase from the year. Current Ratio Current ratio= Current Assets / Current Liabilities 2015 2014 2.50 2.50 Microsoft has been a successful organization, and known as one of the founders of the computing world that the world has become. This is headed by Bill Gates. Microsoft became successful with strategic planning, groundbreaking research, and excellent business commerce throughout the years of operation. Though the industry has growing at an astounding pace with the development of the technology seen in the world today, Microsoft has been able to withstand the industry growth to remain one of the highest revenue companies in the industry today. Microsoft uses advertising to its advantage to continue to attract consumers with state of the art technology. As stated, “Our success depends on our ability to attract new users, understand intent, and match intent with relevant content and advertiser offerings” (Microsoft SEC 10-K, pg. 8). Financial Features Financial features that make up the nonmanufacturing expenses on the statement include payroll, employee benefits, stock-based compensation expense, severance expense, and other headcount-related expenses associated with finance, legal, facilities, certain human resources and other administrative personnel, certain
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