Benefits Of A New Team

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When I was in Noida working for Headstrong, my team used to go out for lunch on special occasions. As that area had quite many options, sometimes we used to be in a fix as to where to go. Another reason for long decision making was because different people had their own tastes. And, few of them had even been to places we were zeroing-in on and didn 't want to go again. Now, that was a mess as it would delay our outings that were supposed to become a lifetime memory for a few at least! We tried to plan well ahead in advance, but that also had issues as people wanted to delay it to the last minute.

We primarily relied on word-of-mouth recommendations and what we as a team preferred the most. All in all, it used to go just fine most of the times. However, i remember one incident when one of our new team members strongly recommended a restaurant to which his family were regular visitors for many years. He was giving mouthwatering description of the dishes available there and most of us melted like butter on a parantha and were looking forward to go there. Come the D-day, being a foodie, i was especially charged up; but there was one delay after another as few of the folks were held up in meetings. It was way past my usual lunch time and finally, we went ahead around quarter to 3. We were all very hungry but to our utter disappointment we found the place closed.

The colleague who had recommended us looked pretty sad and asked nearby shops if the restaurant had closed for good.

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