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• Team members can learn from each other.
• Communication and involvement information can be better, views and ideas can be shared, making it a tougher team.
• Planning will help people to focus their thinking and lead to better team ideas and results.
• Every member can be given a chance to carry out a number of different tasks in the team.
• New ideas to tasks may be discovered.
• Help team members support a working environment.
• A leading member or buddies of a team can provide social support for dealing with difficult tasks and situations.

Disadvantages of team working
• Conflict - this can cause problems in a team meeting or group if some members disagree on every aspect of what is being said.
• Members must be selected to …show more content…

like 4 in one group and 4 in other

Types of teams

Permanent teams

A permanent team who will work together on a continual basis, they do not end after a task or objective is complete.

Temporary teams
Are really formed on a short term based to solve a short term problem, they don’t last long either

Committee teams
Formed to carry out a particular task, members will be people with common interests, usually from the same background and attitude.

Task force teams
A small group of about 12 people come together to try to solve a short term task.

Workforce teams.
Are a workforce that looks after employees work hours and duties making sure each member is well looked after.

Self-Managed teams
This is a team where members work together towards a common goal, under a team leader or supervisor.

Cross functional teams
Members from different areas or departments can work together to complete a task

Virtual teams
Virtual teams are teams that work using the internet to communicate, using Skype for example. They are never in the same room to discuss issues.

A theory of team working that details the stages of team development that are typical to any type of team
The Bruce Tuchman Theory was created in 1965 his method was Forming Storming Norming and Performing and adjourning that would be successful in team groups all over the world.
Forming - The team is unified around a specific goal.
Storming - The term means the behaviour of team development

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