Benefits Of Airplanes And Society Essay

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The Benefits of Airplanes to Society
As technology has developed throughout the years, many forms of transportation have been invented and thoroughly advanced. The airplane is one of the inventions in transportation. The invention of the airplane is credited to Wilbur and Orville Wright, brothers from Dayton, Ohio. The Wright brothers were the first to successfully fly a sustained, controlled, powered, and manned airplane, which took place on December 17, 1903 (Crouch & Jakab, 2003, p.131). Throughout World War I, the demand for airplanes grew; consequently, production and engineering rapidly improved (Crouch, 2003, p. 198). With the development of airplanes, airplanes went from a sport for the wealthy to a functional, efficient aircraft for carrying mail and passengers. Today, airplanes are used throughout the world for business and commercial purposes, as well as in the medical world (Woolford & Warner, 2015, pp. 150-255). The invention of the airplane has been a benefit to society. Airplanes are a benefit to society because they have increased businesses opportunities by a significant amount. The first sources of airplane business were through airmail. According to Dick and Patterson (2003), a quote from the first few pilots to send mail on September 9th, 1911 reads, “We believe this important event will become historical, and its development will lead to a revolution in the present modes of conveying communications between the peoples of the world.” This quote

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