Benefits Of Attending A Community College

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There are many benefits to attending a Community College; Community College allows people to save money on tuition and because of smaller class sizes, students are also able to receive more attention from instructors. Although there are advantages, there are also disadvantages with Community College. Normandale Community College has around 10,169 students enrolled, and a problem students encounter are fees. These fees include: textbooks, classes, orientation and game rentals. Many may wonder if college is worth the cost; according to, “In 2011, people with a bachelor’s degree who worked full-time earned $21,100 more, on average, than full-time workers with only a high school diploma”. College isn’t for everyone, some people don’t want to attend, but studies are showing that with a college degree people are making more money than without one. Although, most people choose college based on the benefits, there are downsides and fees are just one of them. There is more than one fee and at different colleges they vary. For example in a Community College, such as Normandale, the “room and boarding” fee does not exist, because there aren’t dorms available for the students. Two fees Normandale students pay that all US college students also pay, are for classes and class textbooks. At Normandale the estimated costs per semester for tuition and books are around $3,200 per semester and $6,429 annually, according to The tuition
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