Benefits Of Being A Mere Child

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When we were but a mere child, the elders amongst our environment would often ask what we wanted to be in the future. Many options come to mind, and most being the cliché answers that any child were exposed to, such as a firefighter, or a police man. However, at that age, our knowledge of those fields hardly encompassed precisely what those occupations routines were. Answering with these occupations at that age wasn’t true to exactly what would interest them in the future. For most children, these answers would then change over time, while others continuously struggle to figure out what it is they want to do. Fast forward a handful of years and you are now faced with the same questions, except staring at an application you are to submit to potential colleges you want to attend. Are we just as quick to answer these questions as we were when we were children? Or do we now know less about what we want to be, since the options of occupation are much more vast and grand than what we thought it to be in the past? It wasn’t just between being a policeman, or a teacher, but what kind of police force they wanted to be in, what kind of level of teaching they wanted to choose, and so on and so forth. College is usually a critical time for students to learn the different aspects of professional and personal self-perceptions, competencies, attitudes, interests, and values of future careers. In fact, most college students list well after college career opportunities as one of the
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