Study Proposal Essay

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People are born and lured into the world to become social from the very beginning. Some claim they do not have a social life but any type of communication is social. In college, people are social because they interact with professors, students, and the people around them. Some students might perform better in school when they are around others. They meet with others and form study sessions as a group. Other students might find if better if they find a peaceful place and study alone. Literature reviews are important because it gives researchers a better understanding on what is out there and how to improve a topic. An aspect in social life that I would like to study has to do with the benefits in class performance when students form study groups than when they study individually. There are methods and literature reviews that can help me determine which will boost a student’s performance the most. Study groups are different than studying individually. In study groups, people are able to interact with others and share ideas. Students are exposed to different perspectives and study skills. Students who study individually have much less distractions and are able to focus. A student can be at a faster or slower pace on material and take breaks whenever he or she desires. If I want to figure out which studying method is the most beneficial in class performance, I will use the qualitative method. I will use the qualitative method because I want to allow the participants to

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