Benefits Of Distance Education

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Online learning provides endless resources for students and teachers alike and the freedom to maintain a schedule that is not based off of class times. The freedom to decide when to study is nice, but it can also prevent one from developing new friendships. In classrooms, students are given the chance to talk and form both friendships and study groups. While distance education may lower the possibility of forming new friendships, it does eliminate the distractions often found in classrooms. Classroom distractions can cause stress and lack of focus, neither of which are beneficial. Through online learning, those distractions are removed. Distractions such as those may not be avoidable for all, though. For those who do not have computer or …show more content…

As a teenager who works full-time, online education is a major help to me. When watching young children every day of the week, there is no time to attend classes. Between working 42 hours at home each week, studying, and attempting to maintain friendships, I still sometimes struggle to get assignments completed before their deadline. Although it is sometimes difficult to balance a full-time job and college classes, without distance education it would not be possible.
While many find online courses necessary, the normality and companionship found in a traditional classroom is often missed. “Students sometimes enjoy laughing at each other’s jokes, partaking in real time class discussions, and observing the actions and reactions of others” (Lei and Gupta). The comradery formed between students is something that distance education has no replacement for. While it is still possible to form friendships through online courses, it is not the same feeling as one would get in a traditional classroom setting. Many students form study groups throughout the course of a class and then go on to develop friendships. Even without forming friendships, study groups are a highly beneficial and enjoyable advantage of a traditional classroom setting. Personally, I have found some of my closest friends through my high school classes. It saddens me that

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