Benefits Of Financial Support For Medical And Health Care

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Economic criteria are used at different levels and in more than one country. Economic standards are traded and the extent of their spread and the reasons for which they are used depend heavily on the prevailing system in the country. Whether public or private insurance or social insurance. For developing countries, medical decision-making depends on the role of the economy in these countries in terms of whether they have received aid from international bodies. Use of Economic Standards and Assessments in Health Care. Medical and health care decisions are taken as follows: • Focus on the benefits of financial support for medical and health care. • Skip any regional differences in achieving the desired goals. • Contain the expected cost …show more content…

• Perspective. Need for decisions on appropriate cost and benefit. • Appropriate responses to decision-making problems. Economic analysis of decisions should include the population (s) of the patients and all other belongings must be identified. It also includes diagnostic tests, stopping rules and various start-up treatments. • Appropriate time frame. An important requirement for medical decision-making is to establish an appropriate time frame in which the costs and benefits of alternative options being compared will vary. Especially chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The second reason is the difference in mortality rates. (Sculpher, M. J., Claxton, K., Drummond, M., & McCabe, C. 2006). Economic Evaluations to Inform Medical Decision-Making Figure 1. Conceptual framework for psycho-behavioral factors and health economic outcomes in type 2 diabetes. (Cobden, D. S., W. K. 2010). Demand (patients) Supply (doctors) Difficulty understanding treatment options is not just experimental, it is conceptual as well OK. What the patient may wish to obtain (the request) may not be the same as in - Cecian wants delivery (supply), given insurance and price regulation in health care. The normal forces of balance in the market are unlikely to achieve this balance. Think Simple form of medical treatments at the request of the patient and physician evaluation Of the optimal treatment of

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