Benefits Of Getting A Higher Education

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The benefits of getting a higher education may not be just about getting a better job, that will help us pay for nice cars, homes, and trips. Somehow, it is also learning how to choose better ways of thinking about the world in which graduates are about to enter and contribute to. In Wallace 's commencement speech, he talks about why people think the way they do and how they react and treat other accordingly, even with extended education. Whether it be our parents, natural selection, social media sources, or educational institutions, there is one goal: to teach us to think and process things in many different ways, so that we have the tools to succeed in adulthood. Wallace says, “because the really significant education in thinking that…show more content…
Sometimes, this is not all by choice, “As if a person’s most basic orientation toward the world, and the meaning of his experience were somehow just hard-wired. As if how we construct meaning were not actually a matter of personal, intentional choice.” (Wallace pg. 2) So, adjusting to and taking in every other person 's interactions with us and learning how to react to and treat them accordingly, can be based on how our own mind is receiving all this information. Maybe it could be the way our minds were built at birth. No matter the way it is taking place, basic relationships are being made or broken by choosing different ways to look at others coming into our lives.
In my home, I have witnessed through my own children are treating their fellow classmates, even in middle school. By choosing to think about how or why these kids should or should not be in their lives or treated kindly or poorly, is quite alarming. Even though parents and teachers are teaching children forms of learning for their future careers and relationships, kids are learning how they view the world and will treat others through social media sources, more now than ever before. They walk down the halls of school looking with judging eyes at the kids to their left, with less than new clothes.This could be because they come from more privileged families or because they watched the newest episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians
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