Benefits Of Sensory Play

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EYE31-4.1 Describe benefits of:
• physical play
• creative play
• imaginative play
• sensory play.

Play can be of several types and as practitioners we must plan and incorporate different kinds of play so that children can benefit from different kinds of development. Play can be broadly classified as physical play, creative play, imaginative play, sensory play and heuristic play. It is important for settings to provide the resources required to enable all kinds of different play.
Physical Play:
Physical play is a kind of play that involves physical movements that develop a child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. It involves moving activities like jumping, running, climbing, hopping, throwing etc. Playing with blocks, connecting toys
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• Makes them feel like they have control over their actions and allows them to show a variety of emotions.
Social Development • Teaches children to take turns and assume different roles and responsibilities.

Sensory Play:
Sensory play is a kind of play where children are allowed to explore different textures and materials and get a feel of it. These include water play, sand play, playdoh, foam etc. These kinds of play allows them to express themselves and also teaches a lot about how different things feel and change when they are touched.
The benefits of Sensory play are:
Physical Development • Helps the child develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination as they play with different sand toys, pour things, shape things using playdoh etc.
• Also promotes gross motor skills when children are given larger objects which they have to transport, roll push etc.
Cognitive Development • Children learn about different materials textures, colors and their properties and how they change.
Language • If the children are playing with each other then it provides scope for communication and allows them to share
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