Benefits Of Traditional Food Products

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While the country scores high marks from the World Bank Doing Business Report in enforcing contracts, it ranks poorly in providing attractive conditions to start a business and protecting investors. When talking about functional food products it is noticed that they are much less common in China than in Western Europe and North America and the Chinese organic market is still in its infancy. However, although still timid, organic and functional foods are starting to be present in supermarkets and other caterings in China. Growing increasingly distrustful of local food sources, many people are turning to organics and/or imported food items, which are perceived to be safer. Lesser trends have also developed, including urban farming and dining out less frequently due to recent food scares.

Despite there being opportunity in China, we still don’t recommend Eurochoice to enter the Chinese market at the moment for a few reasons.

First of all, there is already a huge variety of different goods on the market. Secondly, local people prefer traditional medicine to the healthy import foods, and in the end, Chinese economy is unstable right now, and it is risky for an unknown company to launch a new product for a specific segment of consumers.

But if the company is ready to take a risk, we have a few recommendations for launching and branding nutrition products in China.

First of all, as our research shows, if it is necessary, the company might be prepared to alter the products

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