Benefits Of Vaccinations

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Vaccines, although they do have many benefits, have proven to be the cause of serious and sometimes fatal side effects. The human body has been created and built to run without foreign bodies to enter and harm the cells that allow the body to remain healthy. Some religious beliefs also state that they do not believe in the “poison” that goes into the human bodies with vaccinations. Should public schools, and sometimes even jobs be able to require people to be vaccinated before allowing them into the facility? According to the first amendment written by our founding fathers, United States citizens have the freedom of religion, which includes what they are willing to put into their bodies as stated by their worship.
The human body has been long
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The Center for Disease Control states that “Children are given shots (vaccines) at a young age because this is when they are at highest risk of getting sick or dying if they get these diseases.” Although it is strongly suggested, I do not believe that children should be required to have shots. A vaccination in simple terms is injecting a mutated version of a disease into the body to build up the immune system to prevent the body from becoming weak when a disease infiltrates the immune system. Since disease prevention is the way today's society is being structured, public schools find it necessary to require students to be vaccinated in order to attend school. The Center for Disease Control states that since vaccine-preventable diseases have not disappeared completely, vaccines should still be required to better the health of the human race. One of the scariest diseases is polio because it can be vaccinated inside of the human body for years but can only be transferred to a child that has not been vaccinated. Although people’s beliefs are important, sometimes health needs to be looked at before the beliefs are taken into account. Diseases such as measles and polio have been decreased since the introduction of prevention
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