Benefits and Disadvantages of Being Part of a Team Sport

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TEAM SPORT ASSIGMENT There are both benefits and disadvantages of being a part of a team sport. For this assignment, I have listed the pros and cons below, giving a brief but detailed description of each reason stated for both sides of the argument. Pros: • teaches interdependence • teaches cooperation • there's always a replacement when someone is hurt or tired • there's less pressure (people aren't always looking at you) Friendship Playing sports enables you to create friendships you otherwise might not have formed. Sports bring teens together from different schools, backgrounds, and communities. Many times, the friendships you create on the field remain intact even when you are not playing sports. Starting a team is a great way…show more content…
One has to carefully consider that they have enough time to make sure that everybody on the team knows exactly what's going on. Communication Problems We all have the fear of one day showing up for a game only to realize somebody forgot to tell us it was cancelled. Poor communication within a sports team can lead to problems. It is up to the team itself to identify the problem, and seek out solutions to improve communication with the team, and keeping everyone informed. Defeat Nobody likes to lose. But one needs to be prepared for the worst, and not give up when and if it occurs. It develops perseverance and determination in a person, and allows a person to learn never to give up, but to keep on trying until you are able to win. Of course, it can also demotivate an athlete and discourage them from further being part of the team, etc. No personal development Team sports can show you personal skills that can help the team as a group, but as a person, sometimes it is necessary for the coach to see you personally to develop you physically, socially, and mentally; and one can’t develop personally if the coach doesn’t take time to teach and hone those skills because they are with another person. A team member can feel ignored, overlooked and even

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