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The Benefits of a BSN Education
Laura Murrell
Central Methodist University

The Benefits of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing Education
Sitting with my colleagues for lunch in the cafeteria, talking about nursing as a career in general. “Where do you think you will be in 10 years?” Amanda asked me. “Lord, I don’t know, probably right here doing the same thing I’m doing now. Might have my bachelors by then though,” I replied. Then it hit me, I am 42 years old and only have a 2 year degree. Amanda then said, “Well I’m going to have to get mine too. These young nurses are coming out of two year programs and then going right back to school. They will be making more money than us and be our boss in the next 10 years if we don’t do something.” …show more content…

Many nurses, like me, do not want to be caught at 6o years old, and have no way out of working 12-hour shifts on the floor. Those nurses will want to have the higher level of education that will allow them the ability to job search when the aging process begins so they can move to a less physically taxing position and have a behind the scenes nursing related job. These jobs will allow the nurse to still feel as if he/she is impacting patient care, but on a different level. By being behind the scenes one frequently gets involved with the process improvement, patient safety, etc. and the nurse is still very much involved with the care the patients are receiving by being part of the solutions, (i.e. inceptions of new & updated policies and evidenced based protocols & procedural changes).
Associate Degree Nurses (AND) return to school for a multitude of reasons; many are personal. Frequently the reasons are one of the following: to become leaders in the field, for advancement of their career, or move up the educational level, and receive a master’s or doctorate. The opportunity to network with other nurses is often an overlooked, but important reason to go back to school. RNs with BSN degrees that are still at the bedside can guide new graduate ADN nurses to provide holistic care to patients that have been proven to also have positive impact on outcomes.
The idea of better outcomes with hospitals

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