Benefits of Dissection

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Dissection, by definition, is the pathological splitting or separation of tissue, according to Webster’s online dictionary. Beneath the simple definition lies an immense amount of controversy. This paper will provide pros and cons regarding ethics of dissection. Dissection has many benefits. The experience of dissection is unforgettable. “Things you can actually touch usually stick in your head better,” according to Dr. Damon Scoville. Dissection is an approach to science that creates a lasting impression. Students gain many things from an experience with dissection. Some of which include respect for life, and necessary skills for dissection that will be useful later in higher level classes. The hand’s on job really allows the student to gain a visual an understanding. They learn the true positioning of organs and have the opportunity to feel them while dissecting. The 3D view and texture friendly experience are things not offered in textbooks or on screens. (5) Models and paper do not do justice or serve as a sense of discovery. As Mr. Roger Kassebaum states, “If you are going to be a surgeon or a veterinarian, that tactile feedback is likely important.” The procedure for dissection can be complex. With this complexity comes the opportunity to teach students motor skills, how to follow directions, observation and comparison skills, and the relationship between tissues and organs. (5) It is pretty evident that the educational advantages of dissection are great. Mr.

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