Benefits of School vs. Benefits of Work

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The following is a compare and contrast essay on the benefits of school vs. the benefits of work with the thesis that attending school is more beneficial than work The school environment School has numerous benefits attached to it. It consists of an organizational learning environment where experiential learning per Dewey and Kurt Lewin occurs as well as learning that centers on reflection. Learning occurs in all contexts. The student interacts with others of like-minded interests and subject study. He is provided with mentors and teachers who guide and direct him. He is stimulated to learn and encouraged when he is failing. Technical devices are accorded him to help him learn better and special care is invested to make sure that he does, indeed, progress rather than regress. The school environment, in other words, provides an intensive learning atmosphere that approaches learning from all perspectives. It provides the social pressure as well as the more tacit and 'embodied' forms of learning that involve situated practices, observation and emulation of skilled practitioners and socialization into a community of practice. Skilled specialists go out of their way to provide customized direction that will enable the student to progress, and monitoring is done of the student's development. Learning is the objective of the environment, and therefore the student is compelled to learn. Work Environment Work places the focus on experience. A motivated individual can,

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