Benjamin Martin, A French And Indian War

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Benjamin Martin is a French and Indian War veteran who now lives in his farm in South Carolina in 1777 with his 7 children. He receives an invitation to attend a Congress in Charleston where he refuses to cast a vote in favor of South Carolina joining the war. The Congress however votes to join the war against the British and his oldest son, Gabriel enlists in the Continental Army.
Two years into the war, the farm 's fields become a battlefield and Benjamin decides to treat the wounded, British and Continental Army soldiers, including his son Gabriel. When Colonel Tavington and his troupes arrive, he captures Gabriel in order to hang him for treason. His younger brother Thomas tries to intervene and is killed by Colonel Tavington who then set the property on fire and leaves with Gabriel. Benjamin devastated arms himself and his other two sons and successfully ambush the British soldiers to free Gabriel. He then becomes a mythical figure named “ the Ghost” and the Continental Army put him in charge of a Militia.
While Benjamin and his militia are in charge of preventing the British to go further North until the French troops arrive, his family are safe in Charleston with his late wife 's sister, aside from Gabriel who fight in the militia along his father. As the militia led by “the Ghost” keeps ambushing British soldiers, Colonel Tavington is assigned but General Cornwallis the mission to stop them by all means necessary. He finds the location of the children in Charleston

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