Benoit Mandelbrot : The Father Of Fractals

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Benoit Mandelbrot: The Father of Fractals Where would the world be without fractals. Although there are thousands of mathematicians who have greatly contributed to the world of math, none have quite changed the way we see the world as much as Benoit Mandelbrot. His proven theories on the way we perceive matter and the way everything is formed have influenced many who study the field of mathematics. Without his contributions, we might not be where we are today. Throughout his life as a mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot has accomplished a great deal in the world of math, and through his life’s work and awarded discoveries the understanding of Fractals was born. Mandelbrot was born in Poland in 1924 into a Jewish family that had a large focus on their children having a true appreciation for academic tradition. As a boy, “he saw chess games in geometric rather than logical terms, and he shared his father 's passion for maps. That bias toward “geometry permeated through to his mathematical career” (Giles). Although this may make one think that his parents were both teachers or professors, but surprisingly had “run of the mill” jobs. His father made his living buying and selling clothes while his mother was a doctor. In fact, Mandelbrot wasn’t introduced to mathematics by his parents, but by his uncle Szolem Mandelbrot; who was a Professor of Mathematics at the Collège de France and the successor of Hadamard (Another great mathematician at the time). And when Mandelbrot’s

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