Berlin Wall Analysis

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Identification and Evaluation of Sources The investigation will answer the question of “What lead to the construction of the Berlin Wall?” The construction of the Berlin Wall is a significant part of history that needs to be investigated to understand the motives and impacts it had on the citizens of Berlin and the people of the world. This investigation will focus on analyzing valuable sources such as Berlin: The Wall is not Forever, The Ghosts of Berlin: Confronting German History in the Urban Landscape, and Daily Life Behind the Iron Curtain. These sources have detailed accounts of the daily lives of those impacted as well as other relevant information relating to the events that may have led to the construction the wall. Berlin: The Wall is not Forever by Eleanor Dulles is a book about the construction of the Berlin Wall and focuses on if the wall will be deconstructed and if Germany will once again be unified. The book describes the wall and the impact it had on Berlin citizens. The book provides information about Berlin before the wall was built to give insight on the reasoning behind the construction. The value of this source is that the book was written shortly after the time that the wall was built so it is from a similar perspective helping to capture the emotional state of those living in Berlin at the time. It also imparts the attitudes about the wall from around the world. A limitation of this source is the book is not exclusively about the Berlin Wall.

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