Berlusconi Oral Health

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Dental health is important for all children, since oral health is vital to overall health. Special needs children may have issues with the mechanics of eating such as chewing or swallowing or with the sensory experiences of eating like textures and temperatures. If your child has problems with having his or her teeth or mouth touched it will be helpful to start desensitizing early. Begin as gently as possible, maybe by just touching the lips with something soft. Gradually increase the pressure as it is tolerated. Once the mouth is actually open you can start working on touching the teeth, little by little. Infant toothbrushes that slip on your finger can help. If your child has a therapist you can work on this goal together. Brushing your …show more content…

After he was smashed in the face last year with a marble statue, the dental hygienist that he saw became a pivotal figure in recruiting young women for Berlusconi's sex parties. Nicole Minetti also joined Berlusconi's political party and now is a member of the Lombardy regional parliament. However, her primary role with Berlusconi was far less political and more social. "Minetti was there with her chest out kissing Berlusconi continuously. It was a real whorehouse. All the girls were given rings and necklaces," reported a police officer on the new revelations of the sex parties. In the 400-page court document, which is primarily concerned with Berlusconi's alleged payments for sex with a minor, the young women at his parties engaged in provocative and lurid behavior. The women stroked themselves and Berlusconi while carrying on stripteases and seductive, lesbian-style dances. Karima El Mahroug, the 17-year-old Moroccan that Berlusconi is accused of having sex with is supposed to have been taped telling a friend, "I told Silvio I wanted five million Euro for all this...he told me he would pay me all I wanted, in gold, but that I should just keep making things up and pretend I'm mad but not reveal anything and stay quiet." Berlusconi's term as Prime Minister over the last three years has been hampered by wild tales of sex and outrageous behavior. Increasingly, it seems that the allegations get wilder and wilder, while at the same time becoming more believable. Elections are in 2013, but the odds of Berlusconi making it that long are about as likely as Berlusconi taking a vow of abstinence. This man has a sex addiction problem and does not seem to comprehend how it is taking him down. Last year, his wife, Veronica, divorced him. She stated that she could no longer tolerate his association with "minors." Berlusconi should have taken the hint then. For more on foolishness in

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