Bermud Culture Island Essay

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Bermuda: Culture Island
How one country was formed by many people
Djandocia Djobaih, Makenna Rodriguez, Leigh-Ann Armagost, and Sarah Duarte are the Founding Mothers of the island-country Bermuda, no relation to the Bermuda Triangle. Our country was formed by rising volcanoes pushing up the earth, equidistant between the Gulf of Mexico and the seas of Japan. Despite being in our lonesome in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we have become a prosperous country. We have a large rainforest called the Nkek, located in the far southeast of our island; many volcanoes, the largest one called the Wachgan; and mountain chains, the oldest one called The Tuai. Our land is split into multiple regions, the three densest ones the Viridi, Magna, and
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The Founding Mothers expressed their dislike towards overpopulation for fear of capping the carrying capacity and contaminating the gorgeous land. Due to this circumstance the island 's population lacks compared to those of other big countries. Exile laws and immigration acception is also strict. The whole of the land is hospitable and habitable besides the volcanoes, so the population is mostly distributed. Typically, the densest populations are located in the most industrial and farming cities and in the capital, Metro.
The Founding Mothers emphasized the importance of diversity and culture. Like the United States, Bermuda was founded and built up by immigrants. Unlike the United States, Bermuda acknowledges this fact and therefore cherishes and openly accepts immigrants. Therefore our country’s population is steadily but slowly growing, and is being maintained. People tend to not emigrate from here, for our land is considered a utopia. It’s not perfect, but the standard of quality and living here is lovely.
Culture is important in this land! Since we have many immigrants, immigrant-born citizens and citizens born from immigrants, we have a plethora of cultures. We allow freedom of religion without persecution, freedom of speech, freedom of media and freedom of representation, where people can represent themselves in their own lives however they want to, free of political judgment. Due to the mixture of so many cultures, our country has been able

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