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Vahag Chakerian
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Bernie Sanders in his early life grew up in New York and his father being occupied with his position as a paint salesman gave Bernie a life in a struggling working class family. We must first understand where Sanders is coming from, his childhood memory is vast of struggle and he’s noticed during his campaign run the large amounts of money being invested in each candidate. He seeks for America being how it was first was with the public doing all the investments and not these largely owned corporations and lobbying voters which have been already have a vote decision made by the corporation they belong too. Bernie wants to pass a court decision to put regulations on how much corporations and wealthy individuals invest their money on the presidential campaign.
This has almost succeeded in the past and is known as the Buckley V. Valeo case in 1976. The case struck down on the limits of spending in campaigns, but upheld the provision limiting size of each individual’s contributions to the campaigns. President Gerald Ford has vetoed the bill and had passed to the Federal Election campaign act of 1971. This was for the regulation of campaign
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They mention of how much the campaigns will spend 4.4 Billion dollars on ads and this can help Mr. Sanders get his bill acknowledged around the nation. The media will have a positive impact on what Bernie Sanders is trying to accomplish. The media will always get the majority of the population on their side, but also the logic of spending 4.4 Billion is absent. He supports unionization and neutrality checks for the media. He wants people to hear all the different ideas and perspectives from the multinational corporations. People will think to themselves how this money can help make our nation better instead of gambling on the presidential
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