Best Day In My Life Essay

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The long awaited day of this year in my life, first day of university, was quite exciting and somewhat surprising. I have always been an introvert my whole teenage years which made the idea of having to make new friends and fitting in a whole different environment intimidate me. But I believe that university years should be the best years of anyone’s lives, and the years of learning new things through experiences. That day, I met new people who are now my closest friends whom I genuinely enjoy being around. Surprisingly, trying to adapt to a new surrounding was not as awkward as I speculated it to be. This whole time, it was all just in my head. I guess Steve Maraboli was right, “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”. Ever since then, I told myself that I needed to start seeing things in a different perspective in order to maximize my potential in university, socially as well as academically. Throughout the first week of foundation program, it was very easy for me to grasp information during lectures and tutorials as I already have the basic knowledge of the courses taught. To have taken the…show more content…
While I planned to deliver a good first impression to my lecturers during the first week, I felt like I didn’t quite achieve that. Relating back to my poor habit of procrastination and time management, I was so used to only studying during the late hours and finally sleeping in the A.M. which resulted in me running late for class the next morning. This had happened too many times that a lecturer even commented that I’ve made quite a reputation for myself for being a latecomer. Upon hearing the lecturer’s comment, I felt a sting but it reminded me of how much I’ve been slacking in the past 5 weeks. To clear my label as a latecomer, I need to manage my time wisely so that I would have enough sleep time to wake up earlier the next
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