Betray Research Paper

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Betray: To expose (one's country, a group, or a person) to danger. In 2001 the U.S. Government betrayed its citizens by taking part and allowing one of the worst attacks in history to occur on U.S. soil. The terrorist attacks on September 11th didn't only shake the foundation of the extensive twin towers in New York, but also shook the thoughts, emotions, and togetherness of our nation and country. This catastrophe most definitely did some damage to the people who experienced this through family, friends, and themselves, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard enough for those across the continent. Because this horrific attack approached the innocent people of New York and the Pentagon, we shall both, and all, learn from the thoughts and beliefs of my grandmother, Sandi Snowden. Watching Sesame Street with the grandchildren seems a bit relaxing. Imagine all your relaxation flying out the window when you get a call from your husband to turn on the news. What feelings would you have. “What just happened? We all thought it was an accident, but realized this was planned. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if I experienced that. I was scared for those people, and I had supplies built up for a while. I had extra water and food just in case. I was getting prepared.” We now know that our country will hurt…show more content…
Sitting in your recliner chair trying to imagine what those people were going through is tough. “Even though I haven't been to ground zero, to go back to the memorial, I think it would show that I am not afraid. I don't think we needed the towers to be as tall or as an easy target, although they showed our pride. I wonder how the people would feel if things were built in place of the towers, where their family and/or friends died.” It would be nice to have the terrorists know that even if they did leave a scar, we still live
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