Beyond Customer Service And Merchandise: Experience Economy.

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Beyond Customer Service and Merchandise: Experience Economy Virginia Greene CTR 416 Midterm Paper March 1st, 2017 Harmon Introduction There are only a handful of companies that have mastered the concept of experience economy. The Walt Disney Company is one good example of a company that has excelled in customer service but has gone beyond that to provide a meaningful experience to all users by providing an economic design of experience. Not to say that other companies aren’t on their way to providing such a memorable experience to some but that their goal is not yet experience but satisfaction in goods or services. To really provide for guests or customers there is more than just providing a service or product, it is …show more content…

According to James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine II (1998) in their article “Welcome to the Experience Economy,” they state, “Goods are tangible, services are intangible and experiences are memorable” (pg. 98). A truly impactful memorable experience cannot be bought. Imagine someone 's most valued experience; an experience that no matter how much someone would be willing to pay for that experience, it is so impactful that the owner of the experience would be losing a part of themselves if they were to sell it. To achieve the demand of an authentic experience, companies need to stick to their core values and be transcendent beyond other companies that only strive for customer service. Experience Economy Personal Benefits The authentic, memorable experiences that customers engage in are based on the desires of the beholder. To say in the least that these activities or events can be defined as leisure activities based on the outcome of the experience. In the book Leisure, Health and Wellness, Geoffory Godbey suggests that leisure activities cannot be “in order to.” Meaning that there doesn’t necessarily have to have purposes related to health even though they can improve aspects of health; “leisure is done for its own sake” (2010, pg.42). The concept that Godbey is proposing is also cohesive with the experience economy design; the memorable experiences

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