Technology And The New Battle Ground

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All web pages should be fully responsive so that they can be viewed on all screen sizes. At a conference this year I came across a quote that I found incredibly thought provoking which has influenced my thinking to day to day work ever since. “The last, best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere” Source: Bridget van Kralingen – SVP, IBM Global Business Services What I took from that is, we waste so much time and effort worrying about keeping up with technology, trends, platforms….., which are of course important. However it is not realistic to constantly keep up. Although a continuous focus on user experience is possible and does not always require new technology, heavy investment or a major innovation. Matt Candy of IBM Interactive said in a presentation “The traditional boundaries are dead; the focus is now on human to human interactions. Where experience has become the new battle ground.” For businesses it is becoming more and more difficult to find or define USPs to create competitive advantage. Experience is fast becoming the key point of differentiation as it is the one area that can be truly unique – it communicates not only the brand but the culture within, reinforcing the reasons why in the minds of consumers. One thing is for sure is CEX sells! To address the statement ‘All web pages should be fully responsive so that they can viewed on all screen sizes’. I think it is important to begin by
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