Beyond The United States : The Benefits Of Learning A New Language

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Beyond the United States My senior paper is about what I want to do in my future, but as well as the realization that there is a much bigger world out there. We have dyeing languages and cultures out in the world and people do not even realize it. There are more people learning English than there are people learning another language besides English. English is becoming the universal language. So, I will be sharing with you the benefits of learning a new language as well as why there are only a limit on foreign culture we can learn about in schools. There will also be the discussion of the form of work that you can do as a translator/ interpreter and more benefits that you can have with any job with knowing a second language. What I will …show more content…

The video was not Chinese, but Korean and that then opened a whole new world for me. That is when the Korean culture and language interested me the most. After finding out the background of the language and culture I then got intrigued about other languages and cultures. After that, I started talking to my parents about foreign languages and countries. That is when my dad told me that his father and grandfather spoke French. The shock on my face must have been amusing because I heard my parents snicker at me. Since that was the first time of my hearing about it, I was shocked to know that I have many different backgrounds in my family. My parents after that just started listing off the different ethnicity in my family from both sides of my parents and grandparents. I then became interested in the French and Italian language after my dad told me that. What I wanted was to learn the language for my grandpa because I never got to meet him. He passed away from cancer before any of my sisters and I got to meet him. So as a contribution to him I wanted to learn the language and maybe be a slightly bit like my grandfather that I never got to meet. He also went on to tell me that we also have some long-lost family in Canada that he has lost contact with many years ago. My father said that my great aunt may know where they are and that I should talk to her. Sadly, I have not been able to talk to her yet because she lives somewhere in California. So, I made a promise to my dad

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