Bias In Mass Media

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Increasing Bias in Audiences Around the United States the instantly recognizable sound of a Donald Trump tweet rings on millions of phones. The owners of those phones glance down to read a strongly opinionated statement on former presidents. Consequently, this situation can only escalate, as the president's every word should be highly regarded. If the most influential person in the country says something incredibly bias others will be bound to follow. While Donald Trump may not have been the initial spark towards the bias revolution, his constant tweets are feeding the flame. However, he is not the only one expressing his opinions as it is the fifteen year old girl complaining about a teacher, a 24 year old female posting about not being able to find a job like her male companion, or a newspaper only interviewing white males on a subject such as racial discrimination. There are numerous causes to this increasingly biased culture, but most precedent are people's backgrounds, the growing dependence on mass media, and politics. No two people are alike as everyone grows up differently. Some grow up going to church on Sundays and others never step foot into one. Consequently when mixing with other people bias’ are glaring. A recent example of this would be a tweet from our president Donald Trump “Our great African American president [Obama] hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily destroying Baltimore.” While the issue stated is real, the blame

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