Biblical Scripture On Christian Faith

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Scripture is fundamental to Christian faith, but who gives it authority? What makes it fundamental. Beyond these questions, you may wonder if it is historical accurate or if science disproves scripture. If you decide that scripture stands the test of history and science, you may wonder if the words are literal, contextual, or an allegory. These are questions that Christians may have to wrestle with throughout their lives. Luckily, today’s Christians are not the first to ponder such questions and can turn to scholars and other sources of information to help inform their decisions on the issues.
Basis of Scripture

The meaning and authority of scripture can vary depending on who you are. You can focus on God as …show more content…

There are many views it comes to scripture and science. You can see scripture as having science, but being limited to the time period. Others can say scripture is correct and that you need to believe it (have faith in it), even if modern science disproves it. The stereotypical “worldview” is that science explains it all and religion is outdated. A merging view would try to merge the two together and say science helps explain how God designed and created the world. Scripture can be reconciled with Science using the last view. For example, you could say the Big Bang is the reaction you would expect from God saying “let there be light” or that God made us adaptable (evolution) because He knew the world would be changing. When you view science through the lens of religion, you can come up with many theories on how the two are not mutually exclusion. The reverse has also happened. The world, humans, and the brain are very complex. When studying these structures, it can lead one to believe that they could not happen by accident, but rather by “intelligent design.” The limit to intelligent design is it does not point to who the designer is. Scriptures can help point to the designer.

Interpreting Scipture
It is both good and bad that almost anyone (at least in America) can interpret scripture. It is good because we each bring unique views, backgrounds, and thoughts into the reading of scripture and this can

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