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Abdullah, Maria Chong; Kong, Luo Lan; Talib, Abd Rahim.( 2014)
Perceived Social Support as Predictor of University Adjustment and Academic Achievement amongst First Year Undergraduates in a Malaysian Public University. Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction, v11 p59-73 2014

The authors in the article examined how percievedv social support can be related to academic success in college students during their first semester. The study examined 250 undergraduates in their first semester of college at Malaysian Public University. The authors used data from the Adapation to college Questionaire ( SACQ) and the Interpersonal Social Evaluation List- College Version ( ISEL ); to test their hypothesis that social support can be in relation to academic adjustment and academic achievement. The authors found that their hypothesis strongly was supportrf and that more social support to undergraduate, can lead to a higher academic acheivement. The authors concluded that social support is an important predictor in determining both the adjustment and academic achievement among new undergraduates.

Annotation bibliography # 2

Baker, C. N. (2013). Social Support and Success in Higher Education: The Influence of On-Campus Support on African American and Latino
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The study examined students from the sixth and eighth grade. They surveyed data with 318 six and eight graders from over 304 Chicago elementary and middle schoolers. The authors observed differebt acheivement in students success when academic press is low, when both social support and academic press is low and lastsly where both academic press and support is high. The resukt suggested that students that having both socical social and academic pressis important aspects to acadmic success and having high levels of both, allows the students to have success
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