Big Data Is An Integral Part Within The Healthcare Field

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Big data is the new and still relatively misunderstood phenomenon in which companies are you using vast amounts of collected data to reveal patterns and certain trends within their collected data. Though big data is being used in a variety of different fields from retail to governmental uses, it is becoming most prominent within the healthcare field. Everyday thousands of people are admitted into hospitals and seen at various emergency clinics around the world. What if all this data from each individual seen at these clinics and hospital could be accumulated and a detailed report given to see signs of new diseases or new trends of medications effects? This is where big data is becoming such an integral part within the healthcare field. …show more content…

Given the real-time information along with sensitive HIPAA information, it would not be a tool for the common individual. Now this is not to say that the common person is not an integral part to big data. Explorys search-engine is just one small tool in the large market of big data. Explorys’ new big data search-engine will not come without hurdles. One being, how Explorys can handle so much data and able to keep it safe? Do they have the proper servers and the security needed? Explory seems to have both! It is not well known to most, but Explorys was bought by IBM. IBM has more than enough servers and security to protect and manage the amount of data. Given IBM’s status within the technology field, it seems that they will be able to take Explorys’ search-engine to new heights that could not have been met just under their own workforce. Since the newly owned Explorys is still so relatively new, there still hasn’t been much information released on what results have been reached or if any! With such a large program containing so much data, it is bound to have bugs that will need to be tended too! However, with a company such as IBM they have the infrastructure and work-force to fix any presented issues.

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