The Effect Of Big Data On Public Health By Government Of India

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In this part I have selected to discuss about the use of big data in public health by Government of India, as I have worked there. In recent years there is a rapid expansion in generation and use of data. Although in health sector there has been an increase in production of data, but little use of data have seen to improve health care. Mostly all of the data at individual level like medical history, doctor’s prescription, pathology reports, diagnostic images etc. and some data at community level like hospital admission statistic, vital statistics etc. goes waste and are not used for further analysis and reference. Despite a very rapid use of various electronic system in public health, the interconnection between different data set is not present for taking out implications from them. Data set can be within health system or between health and other systems. But these isolated data sets cannot help any organization or a country to know how individual health is effected by other system like environmental or social. As it is very well known fact that health is a social construct. To utilize this concept, Durham, North Carolina had successfully linked health system and social and environmental data via shared geography to provide a multidimensional understanding of individual and community health. And aimed to improve health care, improve overall health of the population and reduce per capita costs of health. By pooling census data, tax payments and lead concentrations
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