Bigh Hunger: A Short Story

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Home is where family resides. Home is where one feels safe, like a baby in a cradle. Home is where one has a back to rely on, people to trust. For me, home is none of those things. Instead, it is the dark, empty, consuming void in which I spend my days residing. The only companionship I have is the computer screen and the dull, dusty, corroded walls which surround my only home. The walls serve their purpose, as was expected of them: to protect me from the hideous monsters outside. The ugly, manipulating, disgusting monsters who lure one in with their sweetness and proceed to strangle one from the inside out. The monsters who do terrible things, things I wish not to speak of within the confinements of these pages, things that make my blood run cold as if there were a specter within my midst. The …show more content…

Neat little rows and columns, each with its own treasures, sustain my dwindling health year after year. There is a small lake beyond the hills where I fetch my own water. The lake itself is replenished by rainfall weekly, so I need not worry about shortages. However, the most advantageous characteristic about my farm is its location. The monsters cannot find me here, though they have tried multiple times in vain. They come into plain sight every year around the time the trees change colors, and they come wielding long, menacing rifles. They walk a lonely road on the side of my farm, stretching from east to west as far as the eye could see. The monsters look around for me, and a fine job they have done of it! They look in the woods, in the clearings, underneath bushes where the rabbits feed, everywhere except my farm. Sometimes I hear them firing their rifles, often accompanied by a sound of animals being hit. Oh poor animals! The monsters seem to not have favorites when it comes to killing. They kill anything for fun, though I believe those like me are their proudest

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